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Skrym and PostNord announce collaboration to eliminate air in packages


    As e-commerce has increased, so has the amount of air in packages. Today, more than 30% air per package is shipped. With the use of AI, PostNord TPL together with Skrym are now going to reduce the amount of air in packages by finding optimal package sizes for the logistics flows.

    "It's hard to think of a better use case for our system than together with the largest 3PL in the Nordics - especially considering our mutual ambition to reduce air in packages. "

    Jakob Nordfeldt, VD på Skrym

    Skrym's technology can analyze millions of orders and products to find the portfolio of packages that minimize both emissions and shipping costs. The system also acts as a decision support for warehouse workers by calculating which package or packages is the optimal choice for every order - before picking has even begun.

    PostNord TPL will be able to help its clients to reduce resource use, primarily carton material usage. Smart packaging use also opens up space in shipping trucks, which helps reduce the overall capacity need for shipments to deliver the same number of orders. The picking and packing flows are also impacted positively, since the picker will be more efficient as the package choice is already made. Of course, it also means the end consumer gets a better experience with more well-filled packages without unnecessary air.

    The project is named AI for smart logistics flows, and the Swedish Energy Agency has granted financial support until September 2023.

    "Air in the packages leads to unnecessary costs and emissions for everyone involved. By partnering with Skrym, we're taking an important step by using new technology to systematically reduce the amount of air in our flows."

    Mathias Krümmel, CEO PostNord Sweden

    The project is expected to contribute to:

    • Reduced CO2-emissions as fewer vehicles are needed
    • Better resource optimization as smaller packaging reduces need for cardboard
    • A more sustainable customer experience for consumers

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