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What is Skrym?

A Toolbox for Logistics

Skrym offers efficient tools to help you regain control over your logistics operations. With our customizable standalone APIs, you only pay for the features that you require.

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To further develop our logistics and expand our sustainability work, we need to keep pushing boundaries. Skrym's data-driven approach help us deliver products to customers more efficiently.

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Pär Svärdson
CEO, Apotea

Collaborating for change

Our partners

Skrym works with market leaders and innovators sharing our vision of making logistics more efficient and sustainable.

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Setting up an integration between Skrym and Ongoing requires no technical know-how - and takes only 15 min to set up (the record time is just below 4 min).

Nöjd AB

Using our optimization algorithms, we help Nöjd customers find optimal package sizes that minimize waste, emissions and costs.

Easy implementation


Nobody likes to spend time setting up integrations. That's why we're constantly expanding our library of available plug-and-play connections. You can also always use our API:s to set up direct integrations.

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The Skrym Philosophy

Just because the rest of the industry have kept both the looks and functionality of the 90s doesn't mean you have to do the same. Our tools are built according to the following principles:


Use one thing. Use everything. Up to you. Users should only pay for what they actually use.

From garage to multi-warehouse operations, a good tool will scale with you without requiring huge investments.

You should never have to disrupt your operational process because of software.


Good tools are simple and intuitive.

Good tools should enable more people in your organization to understand logistics.


Good tools are built for impact, not for profit.

Good tools help you identify and prevent problems before they occur.

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